About Foodie Parent

About Foodie Parent:

Foodie Parent is a food blog for parents with a passion for food and cooking, and newer home chefs looking for helpful hints and ideas. With original recipes, kitchen advice, and essays on the variety of food and nutrition issues parents often face, FP is a fun, comprehensive resource for culinarily-minded families.


Elmo loves to eat. Period. Earlier this year she was forced to convert to veganism due to a rather severe dairy allergy, and she misses and pines for cheese every day. She writes about her life at Sweetney.

Bert is a professional chef and baker who has been cooking since he was hungry. He makes the best slow-smoked pork butt you ever did have, and his chocolate chip cookies are better than yours. You can find more of his musings on food at The Everyman’s Kitchen.


Ernie is a food publicist who is an unapologetic fan of the salty, savory things in life – Rogue Creamery’s smokey blue cheese, pour over coffee that hails from the Pacific Northwest and moules frites made from mussels caught on the Oregon Coast. She blogs about everything and nothing at her tumblr blog.

Koka wears many aprons: mom, wife, breadwinner, writer. She delights in getting her hands dirty in the kitchen to make deliciously healthy meals or sinfully decadent desserts to share with others. She blogs about her life here.

Jenna is a single mom to a three year old veggie hater. She was raised in the south to believe that good food should fill your tummy and your soul, and not break the bank doing either. She blogs about motherhood, life, death, and everything in-between at Skylandersfigures.net.

Kristen is a mom of four kids, ranging from the pickiest of eaters to a boy who prefers sushi and wasabi to ice cream. She’s a vegan foodie married to a meat-lover. She has a son who is allergic to wheat and dairy, and a daughter who would prefer to ONLY eat wheat and dairy. She’s still trying to figure out what to serve for dinner. Read more at her blog, Konacoffebuzz.com.

Amber doesn’t feel right with the world if she’s not either discovering a new restaurant in her hometown of Seattle or concocting inventive way to transform fresh, local ingredients into good eats. She enjoys taking a classic dish like ratatouille and turning it on its head by replacing herbes de provence with Ethiopian berberé. She blogs somewhat irregularly at Classicalmusicheadphones.com.

Kella spends hours either in the kitchen with her 6-year-old kid or completely ignoring her kid while she writes about food or takes its picture. She lives in Columbus, Ohio where she tries to eat local in a totally non-obnoxious way. Her smart assery can also be found at http://couponvpshost.com/.

Aidan Morgan, aka The Palinode, is a travel and food writer who can’t stop eating things and writing about the experience. When not dropping culture bombs at MamaPop.com or blogging for fun at, he sleeps. One time he blogged so hard that he broke the internet, but it was really late at and night and no one noticed.

Jackie lives in Baltimore, is a lifelong Marylander, and doesn’t like seafood much–even (and especially) crabs. She worships the holy trinity of bread, butter, and bacon, is passionately fond of potatoes, and loves to watch Top Chef with her twin nine-year-old daughters and formerly vegetarian husband. *insert witty “find Jackie here” banter*