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The Family That Went Sugar Free!

I thought I was healthy when I signed up with Blue Apron last week (they had one of their 3 free boxes promotions going on).  But that’s nothing compared to this next family.


This is a fascinating story and one relevant to us foodie parents: The Schaub family decided to try an experiment: go sugar-free for a year.


The thought of not being able to enjoy a glass of Pinot Grigio has me in fits. But I kept reading.


Eve Schaub, the mother, was inspired to try it when she started learning about what sugar does to your body:

“My husband showed me a video of a pediatric endocrinologist talking about sugar and what it does in our body. It’s much more pervasive in our food supply than we might suspect. ” – Huffington Post

At first she suffered from withdrawal: she saw sugar everywhere, and was craving in 24/7.

But after a couple of months of her and her family going off sugar, she suddenly stopped craving it. Not only, but when she did try it (on their monthly “cheat meal”), she would have terrible head-aches.

Sugar is a natural part of our diet: we’ve been eating it for hundreds of thousands of years. But it’s only in the past twenty years that we’ve started eating our modern version of sugar: high-fructose corn syrup.

High-fructose corn syrup, which is in more sugar products that table sugar nowadays, was invented in the 1970‘s. The technology to convert starches into sugars (America has an overabundance of corn, which has led to us inventing new ways to use it). In the 1980’s it was introduced into our products and gradually replaced sucrose (table sugar).

There are many who believe that this kind of sugar, which is absorbed by the blood more easily, is healthy for us (since we’re the first generation to use it). But there hasn’t been any publicly-available smoking gun evidence to prove it.

What happened to the Schaub family? After a year of going without sugar, they discovered that they really didn’t like it. The family lost weight, and found that the absence of sugar-highs and lows led to them having better relationships.

Here is a Video the Schaub Family Made of Trying To Buy Foods Without Sugar:

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